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Jhadir - Dragonborn Sorcerer

... I felt the sting of the salty brine as it entered my lungs.
I felt my mind slipping away as I sank beneath the waves.
At least I'll get to see my mother again.
The next thing I remember I was laying on a beach. I choked and coughed as the saltwater poured out of me. I had survived? How?
In my hand was a small blue stone that almost seemed to glow. Had this stone saved me somehow? I looked around and began the get my bearings. Strangely, it was actually an idyllic day. The sun shining in the sky above me. Something, however, was wrong. I still felt the storm, though I could not see it. It wove around me and passed through my very soul. I held the stone in my hand felt the power grow. The power was within me.
And I was in control.

Jhadir Painting process