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Edward Yorke
Edward Yorke
Game Designer and Illustrator
Leeds, United Kingdom


I am currently working as the Art Director for Imagination Overflow, a small game company based in Portugal. We are now producing Oirbo, a 2D adventure game set in space. Within this role I produce all art assets, animations and marketing media for the game. I also freelance as an illustrator and concept artist, working on projects such as books, video games and personal commissions. From experience as an academic project co-ordinator and now art production I have a unique and diverse set of skills. My future goals are to continue my growth as an artist in the Video Game industry, improve my working methods in 2D design and animation, and branch out further to work with 3D tools.


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      Art Director
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      Imagination Overflow


  • Art Director at Imagination Overflow
    January 2019 - Present

    I am currently working with Imagination Overflow to produce Oirbo, a 2D metroidvania game for Xbox, Switch and PC. My position as the sole artist on the project requires me to produce all art resources, animations, VFX, and marketing images. I work closely with the director and coder in Unity, we work iteratively from concept art to final implementation throughout the game and have strong results for such a small team. To see the project please visit us on For my CV please see: